• To provide a program designed to identify the physical, social, emotional, creative, linguistic, cultural and cognitive needs of the individual children.

  • To insure a program supports and meets the cultural, linguistic and special needs of the individual toddler, and preschool child.To insure a positive, healthy, and safe physical environment for all children.

  • To  promote parent and community  participation, involvement,  support, coordination,  and collaboration with program staff of the Toddler, and Preschool Child Development Center.

  • To provided a developmentally and culturally appropriate nutrition program.

  • To provide staff with training will develop their ability to support and achieve the program goals and objectives.

  • To insure program quality by routinely evaluating progress of goals and objectives.



  • The high scope curriculum will be implemented to promote and enhance the individual child's cognitive, language, physical, creative and social emotional development.

  • The program must provide continuity of a primary caregiver, limited to small groups in a secure environment which supports self -esteem and cultural awareness; allows for the development of language, physical, cognitive, creative, social skills and independence.

  • Parents will complete a child's health and developmental history form at the initial enrollment; staff will conduct observations on each child through the first 30 days of enrollment for completion of the formal assessment.

  • Staff will continuously observe and record the child's progress and confer with parents to assess the child's needs.

  • Staff will develop lesson plans, activities, prepare the indoor and outdoor environments, arrange for field trips, utilize Community Resources, and make appropriate referrals based on the identified needs and special interest of the child.

  • Qualified staff will reflect the diverse linguistic and cultural make-up of the toddler and preschool children and families in the program.

  • Staff shall routinely complete the facility Health and Safety Checklist to insure a safe and nurturing environment for all children.

  • Staffing shall be scheduled to maintain Title 5 and Title 22 adult/child ratios to ensure supervision and safety of children at all times.

  • Center nutritional guidelines and meal patterns will be followed in order to provide well-balanced meals for toddlers, and preschoolers. Meals shall be the appropriate size and portions. Menus shall reflect the cultural diversity of the families.

  • Staff training shall include but not limited to Curriculum, Child Development, Nutrition, Special Needs of the Child, Health and Safety, assessments and observations.

  • Program evaluations (e.g. CMR, EPS, Parent and Staff Surveys) shall be utilized to ensure program high quality standards and the achievement of program goals and objectives.

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